AVOCADOS OF THE FUTURE, STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGY TO GUARANTEE ITS CONSERVATION. El programa Tierra y Mar de Canal Sur, ha estado grabando en nuestras instalaciones y fincas para dar a conocer la conservación

30 KINGS GUTIERREZ ANNIVERSARY. More than 30 years in the industry, Reyes Gutiérrez continues to be a pioneer in the commercialization of avocados and mangoes, thanks to the trust of our

Video of our manager Juan Antonio Reyes Gutierrez and Maria Reyes Lopez, Assistant to Management and Manager of Avofruits, S.L. Televisión Española visited us to learn a little more about

The Life-AIs consortium has received support from the prestigious LIFE environmental program of the European Union. This consortium unites two leading technology providers, Fede -project leader- and Agerpix, along with three major producers: Castle of

The subsidiary of Reyes Gutiérrez, Avomix, receives the award for “innovative initiative” The Minister of Agriculture, Fishing, Water and Rural Development, Carmen Crespo, presided over the delivery of the XVI

Avocado and Mango FAQs

Both avocado and mango, are fruits from countries with tropical climates, but that are considered exotic and delicious. Thus, are in great demand in

In recent years, the production and sale of avocados has increased significantly. It is this type of fruit originating in Mexico that has become increasingly profitable due to

Exotic tropical fruits are highly coveted by all buyers around the world, thanks to the fact that you always have the interest to consume something that is novel. Among these fruits

The avocado is a tropical fruit that has achieved great acceptance in all parts of the world, mainly in Spain there is a large consumption of this. Is by

Foods rich in vitamin "A"

Vitamin A comes from animal sources, as well as vegetable sources. This is vitally important to help with the formation and maintenance of teeth., soft tissue and bone,

Avocados are delicious and nutritious but delicately grown fruits that not everyone knows how to assume. Although its cultivation is delicate, it is not impossible to have your own tree

How to cut a mango?

Surely you have noticed that the mango is a fruit with an exquisite tropical flavor. However, which can be a bit complicated for some, is to cut it the right way to

Avocado or mango-like foods

As we know, avocado and mango are essential foods for our diet, due to the large amount of nutrients that they contribute to our body. However, there are other foods

What is organic avocado?

What we know under the term "organic avocado", It is nothing more than the avocado that has been without any type of phytosanitary waste. Just like avocados, is

El Mango Kent

Kent mango skins have a yellow background color and a red coating. Taking into account the load of the trees, the average weight of these fruits is

Hass avocado

The avocado of the "Hass" type, is a variation or mutation of a breed of American avocado. This was created using a seed of a breed of avocado native to Guatemala

What is the avocado harvest?

The avocado harvest taking place in Spain, occurs in a period between December and June. However, Have you ever wondered what he is like

The avocado or avocado is a kind of fruit that gives a type of trees that originates in Mesoamerica. These, were domesticated by indigenous peoples and in the


Today we bring you some very important tips to keep in mind so that you start eating mango! Its nutritional properties are varied and allow us to maintain the good health of our


Many of us do not know to this day all the benefits that avocado has if we include it in our diet. It has numerous contributions to our body, which will help keep us


Last week we had an interview for Fresh Plaza magazine, in which we talk about the changes that have occurred in the marketing of avocado in the


One more year Reyes Gutiérrez & Avomix will be present at Fruit Attraction in Madrid from 22 al 24 October, you can find us in the pavilion 10 stand E-05, From the


“Whenever there is a void in your life, fill it with avocado” As every year, Reyes Gutiérrez will attend the largest fruit and vegetable event, Fruit Logistica 2019, held in Berlin


Reyes Gutiérrez has attended the 10th anniversary of the Fruit Attration edition, the International Fair of the Fruit and Vegetables Sector, organized by IFEMA and FEPEX. This fair has been consolidated

II Mango and Avocado Festival

Reyes Gutiérrez will attend the II Mango and Avocado Festival Reyes Gutiérrez and Avomix will attend the II Mango and Avocado Festival, organized by the Municipality of Vélez-Málaga, than

Reyes Gutiérrez will visit Fruit Logistica in his 26 edition during the seven days, February eight and nine. It is the world's leading fair and a benchmark in the

Reyes Gutiérrez at Fruit Attraction 2017 Reyes Gutiérrez and Avomix repeated one more year to be present at Fruit Attraction, the main fruit and vegetable fair in the South