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avocado tree

What is the avocado harvest?

Avocado harvesting taking place in Spain, it occurs in a period that includes between December and June. However, Have you ever wondered how is the collection process? We will explain it in a simple way below.

Aguacate Hass

How are your trees?

Avocado trees have a root surface that extends thirty centimeters deep. In the same way, its roots have pivotal characteristics.

As for the leaves, these remain perennial, whose measurements are between 20 and 25 cm long, while its width is usually between 10 and 15 cm. For his part, its stems are erect. Coupled with it, its branches are issued extending all around.

How do your trees grow?

The growth of avocado trees occur mainly in the spring season. It is in this way that vegetative buds are achieved. Likewise, the mixed and panicles of the flowers are obtained. Therefore in June, the fruits set and the fruits that are still small fall.

However, this is not to worry, because this fruit returns to have a second regrowth later. Even if, this also depends on the amount to be harvested, unless they are young trees, where there will be another budding until summer.

The avocado tree flower

The avocado tree flower is formed by bunches and panicles which stand out for their characteristic green color. These, are formed between the 150 and 250 flores.

These can be seen most vividly on the tree during the winter outing and are fully developed during the spring.. But, it is very important to pay attention to them, because these will determine the harvest.

Avocado pollination

For the avocado harvest, it is necessary that a Cross pollination. This implies that in plantations, you must have hives, as well as bees that pollinate the flowers and thus guarantee that they are fertilized.

Avocado harvest

The period of time in which these fruits are collected goes from October to July. This is because the avocados that are from smooth skin, as well as the Zutano avocado is achieved during these periods of time.

In the case of avocados rough skin, as well as the Lamb Hass, are collected only in the periods between from December to July. It should be noted that this fruit is climacteric.

The latter means that this fruit is fully capable of continuing its ripening despite being separated from the tree.. In other words, they can alter the temperature and storage conditions and this alters the level of fat..

Zutano avocado

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