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mexican avocado

Which avocado is considered the best in the world? The Mexican avocado!

He avocado or avocado It is a kind of fruit that gives a type of trees that originates in Mesoamerica. These, were domesticated by indigenous peoples and today this fruit has reached great popularity, thanks to the properties that promote heart health, and that is why the Mexican avocado is the best in the world!

Then, we will analyze the avocado that was cataloged as "the best in the world", that is, the Mexican avocado.

Properties of avocado from Mexico

This species of avocados, which stands out for being cultivated in only tropical climates, it has multiple benefits for people's health. Among all these avocado benefits your eye protection stands out. The reason for this is that it prevents the appearance of cataracts and degeneration of vision..

The avocado or Mexican avocado, it is a great source of vitamin E. This is ideal for keeping the skin very soft and supple., as well as helps keep hair and nails shiny and strong.

It also has a high content of folic acid, which is especially recommended to keep the heart healthy, and contribute to the reduction of cholesterol. In the same way, thanks to its high fiber content, helps regulate intestinal transit.

Avocado production in Mexico

Within the Mexican territory, this fruit is considered as "green gold" by its producers due to the great popularity that the fruit has unleashed within the United States and in the world. Thus, both its production and distribution could cause a criminal war for control.

In this country, about a third of the guacamole that is consumed throughout the planet is produced, so control avocado production, would position an industry globally. However, due to the volcanic terrain, most of its plantations are in Michoacan.

The export of Mexican avocados to the United States

Avocado exports to the United States began thanks to the signing of NAFTA in 1994. Prior to this it was prohibited due to a fear of possible insect infestation, but since that year the sales of this fruit have increased and to date it has not decreased.

In fact, It is believed that only in the time of the Super Bowl in the United States, you can consume more than 130 1 billion tons of guacamole made from avocado. That's it, at least 1.7 million pounds of avocado are exported by Mexico.

The type of avocado most sold and distributed throughout the United States is the variety Hass. This has become the main rival competitor with the banana, which has been his classic rival. Also, he 90% of avocados imported to the United States come directly from Michoacán.

The problem is that in this part of Mexico, brutal violence is suffered because of drug traffickers. In fact, There are bands like the Knights Templar cartel that charge a kind of fee or tax to the producers., apart from extorting or kidnapping them.

The export of the Mexican avocado to the world

The main market for Mexican avocado is in the United States, and in fact the 84% of the production and distribution that goes to this neighboring country comes from Michoacán. Its main commercial strategy is to promote it for events such as the Super Bowl and for Cinco de Mayo celebrations..

However, the Mexican avocado export market is not solely focused on the United States. Actually, your other target markets are China, Canada, Japan, and they even have producers and ambassadors who help them distribute the fruit to Europe.

In addition, there are distributors to South America and the Middle East. In the case of Canada, It has served them to promote the Mexican avocado in hockey games, during sports spots. In this way, the interest of the spectators has been reached, who upon reaching the market find this fruit.

In this way it was possible to achieve an export to Canada of over 37 thousand tons of avocado per year. In the case of China ,the distribution alliance has been made with Alibaba, which is considered a giant in terms of digital sales.

In the case of Japan, developed a great relationship with Moccomichi, which is one of the most influential actors in television and film productions in the country. It is, emerges as an ambassador for the distribution of fruit in the Japanese country.

Also, in supermarkets in the region, as well as in the various commercials on television and on trains you can see the mascot "Avogo". This is a mascot that represents the Mexican avocado and serves as an advertising engine.

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