Reyes Gutierrez


“Whenever there is a void in your life, fill it with avocado”

As every year, Reyes Gutiérrez will attend the largest fruit and vegetable event, Fruit Logistica 2019, held in Berlin on days 6, 7 and 8 February.

It is 2019, more than 3239 companies and organizations of 84 different countries, together with more than 78000 visitors will make up this great fruit and vegetable fair, long established.

With a stand different from the ones that Reyes Gutiérrez usually has accustomed to the visitors of these fairs (HALL 23-Stand E01), will be waiting with open arms for providers, customers, friends to further strengthen their relationships and be able to chat about the market, new strategies and products.

After this 2018 fantastic and after having met 25 years, Reyes Gutiérrez continues innovating in technology to seek perfection in his products, satisfying in the best way its customers under the motto healthy by nature the 365 days of the year.

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