cut mango

How to cut a mango?

Surely you have noticed that the mango is a fruit with an exquisite tropical flavor. However, which can be a bit complicated for some, it is cut it correctly to be able to consume it or extract its pulp. For this reason, we will briefly explain how to do it below..

Steps to follow to cut the mango

  1. Lay the handle horizontally on a flat surface and with the help of a knife, cut from top to bottom one of the sides or "cheeks" parallel to the bone or seed
  2. Repeat exactly the same procedure with the other side until the disk-shaped handle is practically flat.
  3. Make a cut straight from top to bottom to one of the excess sides of the seed and repeat the process with the last remaining side
  4. Ideally, the seed should be isolated from the pulp, later, only deséchela
  5. Take one of the "cheeks", that is, one of the first cut pieces and make longitudinal and transverse cuts, but very careful not to penetrate the skin
  6. Hold the piece by the skin side and push it out to extract the pieces of pulp
  7. Repeat the same process with the other "cheek"
  8. In the case of the last two remaining chunks, solo remove the skin and cut into pieces. You can also try to peel it off with your fingers, because this is very soft and comes off easily

The following video shows how to cut a mango correctly!

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