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How to grow avocados at home

Avocados are delicious and nutritious fruits but of delicate cultivation that not everyone knows how to assume. Yes OK its cultivation is delicate, It is not impossible to have your own tree at home and grow avocados so that it bears a lot of fruit. Thus, then we will explain how its sowing and cultivation should be.

Planting the avocado plant at home

Seed preparation

semilla aguacate

The first thing you should do to grow avocados is take a avocado or avocado that is ripe, it is best to use one that is the fruit of a neighbor's tree. Another option is buy a certified seed for your area. This will ensure that the seed will actually germinate in the soil of your garden..

After, the avocado you choose to sow its seed it must be a fruit that is well ripe. We cut the meat and very carefully not to damage or injure the seed, we extract it. When removing it we will realize that it has an oval shape, that is, with a pointed side and a flat side.

Identify each of its sides, that is, the flat and the tip, because when placing it in water you must place the part cottage pointing towards below and the tip pointing up. Bury about four toothpicks one centimeter from the tip, Well, this will help us with the structure to put it in water.

Place the seed carefully in a glass of water. The water in the glass should cover only the half seed and the structure with the chopsticks will help the seed not sink in the water while it germinates. Nor should you let the water rot, so you must change it every two days.

To grow avocados you must take into account that you have to place the glass near a window where the sun shines and away from the cold.. After two months will be the time to transfer it to a pot.

Pass the seed to the pot

It is recommended that before passing the seed to the ground it is placed in a pot and wait there for the plant to establish.. It is also recommended that the pot is small about two liters. Later it will be decided whether to transfer it to a larger one or directly to the ground.

The advantage of small pots is that they maintain a better control of the level of humidity that is maintained in them.. Another issue is that to ensure that the plant has the adequate nutrients, a potting mix is ​​purchased. In other words, a land prepared with worms, compost and soil.

Another vital matter is make sure the pot contains one or more small holes so that the water comes out. This is because the avocado plant does not grow in flooded soils..

When passing the seed to the pot, must bury it to the part where the roots begin. Hold the plant in place and add the soil while gently squeezing the pot to cover the roots.. The bone or seed must never be completely buried, only halfway, this one should stick out.

Finally, just pat the potting soil gently against the ground. Later, take out the chopsticks and add a little water.

Branch the plant

After a month, it will be necessary that branch pot plant. Here you will have two options, prick only the tip, that is, the crown of the plant to branch only the tip, or also puncture the incipient or nascent leaves.

Another option, is that if you notice that the stem of the plant is too long, can just make a diagonal cut in the area closest to its last fledgling. After a month and a half you will notice the different branches that arise.

Final Recommendations

The best thing for the plant is that do not place it where direct but indirect light reaches it. Another recommendation is that the plant be planted in spring and left in the pot until late summer., when passing that time, upgrade to a bigger one.

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