Avomix, S.L receives the award from the Junta de Andalucía

The subsidiary of Reyes Gutiérrez, Avomix, receives the award for “innovative initiative”

The Minister of Agriculture, Fishing, Water and Rural Development, Carmen Crespo, presided over the delivery of the XVI edition of the awards granted by his department to recognize the important work carried out by professionals and companies in the agricultural sector, fishing and agro-industrial throughout the past year. Crespo highlighted "the strength and ability to overcome" that characterizes Andalusian professionals and pointed out that the awards given yesterday recognize people who are part of a "water-efficient sustainable agriculture"., of a "vanguard agro-industry" and "a traditional fishing that advances towards modernity", as our colleagues say THE IDEAL, Almeria.

Photo of the winners

Premiados Junta Andalucia

seven categories of prizes

The XVI Andalusian Agriculture Awards, Fishing, Water and Rural Development’ This year there are seven categories and eight winners, since the section of ‘Agriculture’ Account in 2022 with two awards.

in the mode 'Promote Quality’, the prize has been awarded to theCampo de Tejada Andalusian Cooperative Society. This entity was established 1979 and has been working in the agri-food sector until today it is a reference in milky white chickpeas. This cooperative is the one that handles the largest volume of cereal in western Andalusia and its members total16.000 hectares cultivation located in the provinces of Seville and Huelva. Especially noteworthy are its products covered by the Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) 'Escacena Chickpea'.

the prize of ‘fishing’has been delivered to the company from CádizBarbate Fish Farms (Cupibar SL). More than 20 of experience in the field of marine aquaculture, This entity stands out for its productive capacity, its sustainability and commitment to innovation. Likewise, It also highlights the generation of employment that its activity entails.

In the category‘Communication and Rural World’, the Almeriasea ​​villalobos has collected the prize that the Andalusian Government has awarded it in recognition of the promotion of the Andalusian agricultural sector that it carries out through the reports of the TVE program 'Aquí la Tierra’ where is she a reporter from 2014.

The award for 'Innovative Initiative'granted to Avomix SL, which has been active for more than 15 years, recognizes the work of this entity from Malaga specialized in the transformation of avocado, mango and other fruits in IV Range products. This entity stands out for the application of an innovative technology called High Pressure Processing (HPP) that allows to preserve the flavor, the texture and natural vitamins of the products, also providing a high level of food safety.

Jorge Reyes - Premio Junta Andalucia

in the mode‘Women’s Initiative’, the grenadineAna Maria Martos, known as 'Anita la Cortijera', has collected his award for the dissemination of country life that he carries out on social networks. This young farmer is committed to making the work of women in the sector visible and has become a true 'influencer’ by overcoming 60.000 followers.

Regarding the category 'Agriculture’, This year they share the awardSan Isidro Provincial Agrarian and Livestock Cooperative (ALMOST) andAntonio Vergel Roman, to whom this recognition has been awarded posthumously. As for ALMOST, the prize awarded by the Board to this fruit and vegetable cooperative from Almería founded in 1944 and which is today one of the largest marketers of tomatoes for fresh consumption in the world.

On the other hand, the award for Antonio Vergel highlights his professional career and the work he has carried out in the Official College of Agricultural Technical Engineers of Western Andalusia (Coitand) until his death last October. Appointed member of this entity in 2004, Vergel has held the presidency of this entity based in Seville since 2007 until 2022.

To end, the modality 'Water Sustainability'recognizes the work that the man from Granada has carried out throughout his lifeManuel Vizcaino to promote good water management. In addition to having formed part of the Southern Spanish Hydrographic Confederation, Vizcaíno has been president of the Guadalquivir Hydrographic Confederation between 1996 and 2004.

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