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II Mango and Avocado Festival

II Mango and Avocado Festival

Reyes Gutiérrez will attend the II Mango and Avocado Festival

Reyes Gutiérrez and Avomix will attend theII Festival of Mango and Avocado, organized by the Municipality of Vélez-Málaga, to be held this Sunday 19 November in the Plaza de las Carmelitas de Vélez-Málaga.

One more year we will be part of this great initiative and we will go with a stand so that attendees can taste our avocados, mangoes and our IV range products such as guacamole, Chunky sauce and our juices 100% naturales Cold-pressed.

The event will start at 12 in the morning with the opening speech and inauguration of the event in the courtyard of the Town Hall.

At 13:15The Master Chef workshops for children will begin. Too, there will be 2 cooking workshops, one for children of 6 a 8 years and another for children of 8 a 12 years, tropical fruits like mango and avocado being the main ingredients.

At the same time, Cooking will begin live, un Show Cooking, by Chef José Manuel Marfil, of the Restaurant "El Convento", which will prepare dishes based on mango and avocado and subsequent tasting of them.

At 14:00 h, attendees can enjoy the performances of the Panda de Verdiales and the Choirs and Dances of Vélez Málaga, and from 15:00The tasting will begin for all attendees of the Cous Cous with Chicken and Mango. Finally, the tasting of the dessert "My avocado", made with mango that will start at 15:30h.

At 4:00 pm the awards ceremony will begin to the companies and entities that work for the promotion of Mango and Avocado, photography contest, recipe contest and, Finally, the award for the Winning Top of the Mango and Avocado Top Route.

The event will be harmonized from 16:30h with the live music of “Tocando el aire”, who will be the ones who put the festive pin to this day that will be held this Sunday 19 November in the veleño municipality. Ending approximately around the 18:30 hours.

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