Crops and the new generation of RG, a safe bet

The crops and the new generation of Reyes Gutiérrez, a safe bet

Reyes Gutiérrez begins his first harvest of the 500 hectares in its beautiful farms in Portugal and Cádiz. Like every first harvest, it will not be large volume, but what was expected. Will be on 2026 when will they be full performance to supply all of Europe with local fruit, quality fruit, with absolute traceability thanks to the technology they have in their crops, minimizing water consumption, also reducing the water footprint, and with the help of field and quality technicians, analyzing its maturity and optimal state so that the product is ideal for final consumers.


If the rains allow it, Reyes Gutiérrez will continue with the objective of reaching the 1.000 hectares In the Iberic Peninsule, in which so much effort, time and investment you are dedicating. Too, how is it not otherwise, its director Juan Antonio, is seeing its crops increase in Morocco with other 1.000 hectares, but, negotiation that is being carried out in these winter months.


The new generation of Reyes Gutiérrez, comes stomping, Jorge, with Avomix management, continues to open new commercial routes throughout Europe with sauces, mainly with guacamole. María, with Avofruits management, Looking to the future, with the help of its technicians and engineers, optimizing every drop of water and studying new formulas so that the trees are more effective and the fruit of better quality. Y, finally, Pablo, the youngest of the brothers, with the management of Reyes Gutiérrez, fully dedicated to the reorganization of the company, to the management of large accounts and to look for new clients and international suppliers to supply the markets. 365 days of the year.

Speaking of 2023, despite the little fruit that there was in Spain and thanks to the importation of different origins, Reyes Gutiérrez together with his Avomix subsidiaries, RG France and RG Valencia It sold about 30,000Tn, of which 24,000 tons belong to avocado and 6,000 tons to mango. Regarding billing, around 90M euros.


Reyes Gutiérrez has always been at the forefront of technology to automate and improve processes in its packaging plants, both Reyes Gutiérrez and Avomix, carrying out continuous training so that their technicians can put them up and running at full capacity in the different campaigns.


To end, It is 2024, Reyes Gutiérrez is optimistic and hopes for a national avocado campaign that, although it may be smaller in volume, yes it will be better in terms of the quality of the fruit. The situation, despite its complexity, will be resolved with our own productions, diversified throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Regarding import campaigns, They tell us that it is too early to analyze this year 2024, but they are in contact with their partners around the world to be able to supply high quality avocados during the 365 days of the year and thus supply all the homes in Europe.


Regarding the mango campaign 2023/2024 despite the low volume Reyes Gutiérrez fulfilled its duties by serving each of its customers the best product available at all times. Its director comments that it is still early for an estimate regarding the campaign 2024/2025, Even so and knowing the complicated situation regarding water, Reyes Gutiérrez is preparing to fulfill each of its supermarkets and serve the best product.


In imports they see the deficits caused in some countries compared to their previous campaigns, although alternatives are emerging in other origins where the quality has pleasantly surprised them, therefore, They continue to trust their suppliers and work team to continue improving and meeting the quality requirements that each supermarket needs..


Your goal in 2024 is to increase the productive quota in the Spanish Levante, with the incorporation of new partners, and the development in Morocco of new avocado cultivation fields



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