Exotic and curious tropical fruits

The exotic tropical fruits they are highly coveted by all buyers in the world, thanks to the fact that you always have the interest to consume something that is novel. Among these exotic fruits, as usual, tropical fruits are the least known, well there is a great variety of them.

That is why below we explain what they are, and we present the lesser known.

What are exotic tropical fruits?

An exotic tropical fruit, It is an edible fruit of plants that are grown in a foreign place, specifically in countries with tropical climates. Of these there are thousands of varieties, however only a few 200 of these are considered "exotic".

These are born as a mutation in their cultivation, either due to temperature disorders, variation in its maturation, among other cases. This results in a variation in its flavor., aroma, overall color or appearance.

His origins

This type of fruit, they originate from the countries whose climates are tropical or subtropical. That is these are formed thanks to the climatic conditions, and a common characteristic of these is that they cannot stand the cold.

Benefits and nutritional properties of tropical fruits

These types of fruits are very rich in minerals and vitamins, so its consumption suggests a high nutritional value. Among its main nutritional benefits, the following stand out:

  • Thanks to the fact that its colors are very striking, these stimulate the appetite
  • They have a high content of lycopene, flavonoids and carotenes
  • They help in the prevention of inflammation and subsequent prostate cancer
  • Lower cholesterol levels when it is too high
  • They promote good digestion
  • They are perfect for when you are on a diet to lose weight, thanks to the fact that they generate a feeling of satiety
  • During the summer they are perfect to refresh and quench the feeling of thirst
  • They are ideal to avoid dehydration
  • Avoid gastritis
  • They prevent the appearance of gas when flatulent meals are consumed
  • They are rich in vitamins A, C and folic acid
  • Among the main minerals that contribute are iron, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium
  • They are very rich in fiber and water and are low in fat and sugar (with the exception of avocado)

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Some Exotic Tropical Fruits You May Not Know About

Here is a list with some of the tropical fruits that maybe you did not know and that its delicious taste, aroma and colors will surprise you:

1.     Pitahaya

It is an exotic fruit that is also called "dradon's fruit" and what can be achieved in Vietnam, China, Mexico, Peru, Nicaragua, Israel and Colombia. You can get these in red or yellow colors, while its pulp is white, sweet and refreshing.

Your greatest contribution when consuming it, is that they provide a large amount of sugar, water and minerals. In the same way, They are very low in calories and despite the fact that their seeds are not consumed and that they are used to sow them, they are also used as laxatives. If you would like to plant it, here we leave you how to do it.

2.     Carambolo o chiramelo

This fruit is also known as the "Chinese tamarind, star fruit, Chinese fruit or coolie. The origins of this fruit are located in Southeast Asia, specifically in India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Even if, It is also known that there are crops of this in Taiwan and in countries of America such as Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru and Dominican Republic.

Thanks to its peculiar shape, it is called star fruit., but despite this it is crunchy and very juicy. Also, It is very popularly used for the decoration of various sweet or savory dishes and for juices and jams.. Equally, it is very rich in magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin C and potassium.

3.     Tomatillo o Alquejenje

This is a fruit that like many, they have several names, Nevertheless, it is a small, golden berry that is usually wrapped in its own membrane. In the same way, This is of fine consistency and with a slight bittersweet flavor, very delicious to taste.

Its main uses are for decoration in confectionery or for ornamental use.. Also, it is very popular in Mexico, Spain, Peru, Colombia and in some areas of Europe and Asia. Regarding its nutritional value, it is rich in vitamin A, C and iron.

4.     Tree tomato

It is also known as Tamarillo, chilito, or Andean tomato. This is common in countries like Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, India, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Africa. Equally, it is characterized by being firm in appearance and thin skin, so it is similar in appearance to tomato, but its taste is sweet with a touch of spice.

As for the pulp of this, it is characterized by being gelatinous and with multiple seeds. Its daily use is for jams, fruit salads or ice cream.

5.     Parchita

This is a fruit that has various names such as passion fruit, piece, pasiflora adulis, sweet granadilla, among other. This is more common to find them in countries like the Dominican Republic, U.S, Australia, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia and some African countries.

These can be obtained as purple or yellow fruit, but in both cases, its flavor is very intense and refreshing, although slightly acid. In fact, in its flavor you can notice that it is similar to apricot.

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