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organic avocado

What is organic avocado?

What we know under the term "organic avocado”, It is nothing more than the avocado that has been without any type of phytosanitary waste. Just like avocados, this is a form of cultivation that can be carried out with other fruits or vegetables, such as plantain or bananas.

The measures used to grow organic avocados, waterings completely free of synthetic phytosanitary residues, but you must comply with the cultivation regulations. An example of this regulation is the 834/2007. It is in the latter that what can or cannot be used is established..

All this has to do directly with the fertilization of the plant, as well as the management of the crop according to Health.

Regulations for the cultivation of organic avocado

So that this regulation is easily understood, in the field of fertilization, It is about carrying out a fertilization with products that are included in the regulation. This is because the foundation is established, that is to say the organic material such as manure, complete soil and nutrients.

Regarding the phytosanitary treatment something similar happens with the above, It is necessary for us to go to the annex and use what is authorized by the regulations. In the case of avocado, happens that the higher incidence of plaques, is he crystalline mite and the anti crystalline.

The latter mentioned are among the most used in the history of agriculture., especially in trees like avocado. Another situation with these, is that you must know how to use and apply, they are of delicate use. Namely, that there must be controlled irrigation.

Soils for growing organic avocado

Another important issue when it comes to organic avocado, it is the pruning therefore among the organic matters, with it you can prevent diseases that may appear in time, especially in roots. An example of this is the physostome that occurs due to the stagnation of the waters in the same root.

An important step when deciding on this type of crop, is a soil test, to determine if it is suitable for planting. Also, This must also be done during cultivation to know if the soil is still healthy.

In this way you can avoid the risk of loss or to avoid the incidence of the physostoma, or stiffness or nutritional, maybe due to deficiencies. Among these analyzes is the foliar, which helps us determine how nutrients circulate from the soil to the root.

By determining this, we will already know the state of health of the tree. Also, as there is a great variety of soils, it is important to determine the type of soil with which you are working. In this way we determine the best treatment for the tree.

In the end, after determining the nutritional deficiencies and the type of treatment, you can contribute what the tree needs to provide ideal fruits.

Pruning the organic avocado tree

avocado tree

This is from Vital importance, Well, when we don't carry the control of the leaves and his expansion, makes complicated the pest control and harvesting. This could imply a higher amount of costs for the farmer..

Appearance of organic avocado

The appearance, taste and texture of organic avocado is not very different from other types of avocados. In fact, it is considered to be healthier, since it is not irrigated by various pesticides or phytosanitary residues, it is considered to contain fewer toxic agents or harmful chemicals.

The most common avocado variety of this type is Hass. The reason for this is that it is the one that most supports the packaging conditions and the maturation process is quite gradual.. Equally, it is because it is the favorite for its peculiar taste compared to others.

Organic avocado harvest

For the collection of this type of avocado, you must first wait for that the size of this is ideal for the collection. The tendency for this is to analyze according to the evolution of the crop.

Because the tree does not cast them all the same size, the best thing is to go harvesting the ones that are bigger to give you a relief. Thus, the tree will be able to take the next ones that are formed to a larger size. For this proper fertilization is vital.

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