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Hass avocado

The avocado of the "Hass" type, is a variation or mutation of a breed of American avocado. This was created through a seed of a breed of avocado native to Guatemala during the year 1926 in an orchard in California and another in Mexico in 1935.

Later, in 1960 was introduced in the world market and is currently one of the common. Thus, Next we will explain everything you need to know about Hass avocado and its characteristics and ways of eating it.

Hass avocado characteristics

Among its main characteristics and advantages, It is noteworthy that it has a long harvest, which has allowed to increase its world consumption, just like its great quality. Apart, These avocados contain an oil concentration of up to 12%.

Regarding your portion of water, is from 70%, while it also has a broad content of vitamins B and E. As for the fruit and the seed of this, they are relatively small, since its weight is only about 300 grams maximum, while his skin is rough, blackish green color.

However, this last characteristic is only noticeable when they are still in the tree, but when it is harvested, skin turns purplish to black. During the time that it begins to mature, the fruit begins to soften. In this way, the consumer can detect the optimal moment to consume it..

These fruits are of excellent quality, well apart from not containing fruit, these have a powerful resistance to the post-harvest life that the harvest implies, transportation and distribution.

It should also be noted that this variety of avocados only blooms once a year, whose period is during spring, since its inception and until the middle of this. Coupled with it, depending on its thermal accumulation and the variety, the time it takes to mature is up to 11 months.

Once this fruit ripens, it can be kept on the tree for a few months without showing any deterioration. This, it is what allows to extend the harvest period.

Hass avocado as the heart fruit

The Hass avocado variant, too known as the heart fruit must the 80% of exports to Mexico, because it is there where it is mostly cultivated. This fruit is known like this not only because of its similarity to a human heart, but also for its benefits for this.

The reason for it, It is its high concentration of oils that are very beneficial to reduce cholesterol, in order to protect the circulatory system. Thus, It is considered the most commercialized variety or type, as well as the best known.

This variant is a little smaller, which is as mentioned above, green when ripe. However, when ready for consumption it is purple in color which is so dark that it reaches a blackish hue, coupled with thick and rough skin.

As for its pulp, this one has a yellow smell, while its flavor is somewhat similar to that of nuts.

How should avocado be consumed?

Hass avocado inside

When buying Hass avocado, if what you want is to eat it right then, you must carefully select the fruit, so that it yields only with a little pressure. If otherwise, what you want is to consume it in the next few days, you should choose the firm-looking ones.

In case the fruit is too green, can try accelerate their maturation, placing it inside a paper bag. Inside the paper bag, you will have to keep it at room temperature until fully ripe, if possible with an apple to speed up the process.

To peel them, you should know that this is a very simple process once these are ripe. For this, just cut them in half and turn one of the pieces in order to separate both, then remove the seed with the help of a spoon. For it, just slide the spoon under it and pull it out.

To prevent Hass avocado from oxidizing or discoloring after peeling, spray its surface with lemon juice or white vinegar. In case you don't have any of these, just drizzle with lime juice.

How to peel and cut Hass avocado?

To be able to peel and cut the avocado, you should only place a non-slip board or surface where you will peel the avocado. Under the board remember to place a dry towel in order to prevent the board from slipping while you are using the board.

Place the avocado on top and hold the knife with which you will cut it and start cutting it lengthwise. You must hold the avocado with both hands and after cutting, Gently turn both sides of the cut part in opposite directions.

In this way, the seed should be dropped so that it is in two separate halves. In one hand, hold half of the Hass avocado that still has the seed on it, now, with the help of a spoon, gently insert it under the seed towards the center.

Later, gently push outward until the seed has been successfully extracted. To separate the skin, insert the spoon between the skin and the green food inside, after that slide the spoon around the entire edge. This way you can follow the skin line.

Once you have finished this process, You can repeat it with the other half of the Hass avocado.

When is the best time to consume it?

The best time to consume Hass avocado, It is during the months of June and July. Too, there is a second time when its consumption is recommended and it goes from the beginning of October to the end of October.

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