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France, Germany, Portugal, Nordic countries, UK, Holland, Eastern Europe among other destinations


We export to the main European markets: France, UK, Nordic countries, Germany among others from Eastern Europe. In our expansion, we believe in France new offices as a door to the rest of European countries. Our main headquarters manages all international orders.

The avocado and mango market worldwide in recent years has experienced enormous growth, which has been quite positive for the market, well it has maintained a good reception. In fact, It is estimated that for the 2016 avocado distribution reached almost 6 millions of tons.

This implies that it has maintained an annual growth of 5.6% between the years 2016 and 2017. However, in the case of avocado export, this has maintained a sustained growth since the year 2011, Well, he recovered well from his irregular periods between 2007 and 2010.

It is estimated that the largest exporters of both avocado and mango are the following countries, with figures expressed in millions of tons:


  • Mexico with a 1.47M
  • Dominican Republic with a 0.39M
  • Colombia with a 0.30M
  • Peru with a 0.29M
  • Indonesia with a 0.28M
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Peru, Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic, Israel, Senegal, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Mexico among other origins

We import from the best origins, especially from South America, all varieties of mangoes and avocados. We have a department dedicated to operations from Spain, in addition to having our own office in Lima, which allows us to have greater control and monitoring..

The wholesale countries were the ones that benefited the most from the increase in the marketing and export of avocados and mangoes., since it is estimated that in 2017 I reach close to 14 millions of dollars. This implies that its increase in that year was 23% approximately.

In the case of the largest consumers, It is estimated that they are the following and in the order of percentages shown:


  • Mexico with a 17%
  • USA with a 16%
  • Dominican Republic with a 10%
  • Indonesia with a 5%
  • Colombia with a 5%
  • Peru with a 4%
  • Brazil with a 3%
  • China with a 3%
  • Kenya with a 3%
  • Finally, Rwanda with a 3%


The sum with respect to the rest of the countries that imported mangoes and avocados was 31% in world consumption. If a deeper analysis is done, it was in the Dominican Republic where purchases increased. In the year 2017 a 5% more shopping.

For the next few years, it is estimated that purchases will be even more favorable, because it is believed that for him 2025 the avocado market will reach the 7.6 tons of imports. The reason for this is due to the great nutritional and health contributions that it has been discovered to bring.

Both mango and avocado are expected to obtain a higher trade, being its upward trend, which will be reinforced by the increase in consumption. This is also estimated to be positively affected by trade liberalization policies..