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We have our own laboratory where we carry out analyzes and quality controls. ISO certifications 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, IFS, Global Gap, Ecological Certificate, BRC, Grasp.

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We propose you healthy and original recipes made from avocados and mangoes what can you visit. Articles with tips onhealth and nutrition, and news to keep you updated.

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REYES GUTIÉRREZit has two offices, the main one is SPAIN, specifically, in VÉLEZ MÁLAGA andon the other hand we find the recent headquarters in FRANCE, PARIS.Both have appropriate facilities for theexportation and importation avocado and mango.

Our offices have the best technology for the proper treatment of tropical fruits

The parent is in Malaga, to the south of Spain, having facilities of 22.000 m2 distributed between offices, laboratories, warehouse, springs, cold rooms and maturation rooms, green areas and experimental test field.


We have the latest technology in machinery controlling internal damage per part and allowing control of the desired maturation on request.

We control the parameters of the fruit by measuring the firmness, internal damage, he % fat and brix degrees, as well as the parameters of the chambers regulating the temperature, moisture and ethylene.


22.000 square meters between offices, warehouse, laboratories, springs, cold rooms and maturation rooms, green areas and experimental test field.

8 cold rooms

4 maturation chambers

1 cooling tunnel

7 loading and unloading docks

1 field pier

Reyes Gutiérrez we are a producer and exporter of mangoes and avocados, tropical fruits of high consumption in the world. Our mission is to bring these fresh fruits to different parts of the world for consumption.

On our page you will find all the types of avocado that we distribute, as well as all types of mango. Similarly, we emphasize your health benefits for consuming them, properties and characteristics, among other.



Also noteworthy the brands under which we distribute the largest variety of tropical fruits, all fresh and of the best quality.

  • Married
  • Married Premium
  • Palta
  • Reyes and Gutierrez

At RG we aim to make you can buy avocados and mangoes from Malaga of the best quality. Also, we have informative content.

From recipes, articles on health and benefits of consuming certain fruits.

In the same way, we offer interviews, news and informative notes referring to the world of tropical fruit farming..

On the other hand, our quality certificates give us greater confidence.