Tosta liver mango

Foie gras toast with mango

Have dinner with friends and you don't know what to wear? In today's recipe we will help you with this mango foie toast, a delight with a contrast of flavor that will make your guests fall in love.


  • 2 mi-cuit foie gras slices
  • 2 mango slices
  • 4 bread slices
  • 100 g of sugar
  • 200 ml of Modena vinegar
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • Pepper
  • parsley


Place the bread slices on a baking tray and toast them in the oven at 200ºC, during 1-2 minutes.

Sprinkle the mango slices with a little pepper and grill them round and round in a pan with a drizzle of oil.. Cut each slice in half.

Cut each slice of foie into four.

For reduction, reduce the Modena vinegar in a frying pan with the sugar. Cook over high heat until smooth.

Place two pieces of foie gras on each toast. Add a mango leaf on top and water with the reduction of Modena. Sprinkle with chopped parsley and serve.

Simple and super good!

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