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Recipes with Avocado and Mango

Today we bring you a healthy recipe full of vitamins. Perfect for both breakfast and snack. A delicious bowl of mango smoothie with banana, red berries and chia.

Mango bites and apricot jam

Today we bring you a super easy sweet to make and perfect for when you have that craving, these mango snacks with apricot jam will be your downfall. Ingredients: Table

Today we bring you a recipe for pasta lovers. A recipe for whole wheat pasta with avocado and chicken : Ingredients: Chicken onion 1 avocado sesame seeds and

Healthy chocolate cream

Today we have a perfect recipe for lovers of Nutella or nocilla but who do not want to abuse it… A healthy avocado chocolate cream, perfect for

Mango pudding

Today we bring you an easy dessert, healthy and rich to give the perfect touch to a wonderful meal. Of British origin with a Malaga touch, today we bring you a pudding of

Today we have a perfect recipe for cheese lovers. An avocado and melted cheese sandwich, rico! Ingredients: Bread 1 ripe avocado Mozzarella cheese and gouda

Mango and tuna uramaki

We love sushi, and if it is with more fruit. The fruit gives it a fresh and different touch that together with the other ingredients results in a flavor

Yogurt smoothie with mango

Start your mornings full of energy with this mango yogurt smoothie. It's cool, sweet and above all delicious. Ingredients: 2 natural yogurts 1 mango juice 200ml

We love cakes. But this is even better. Enjoy this recipe for avocado cake and smoked salmon that will not stop you from repeating. Ingredients: Table



The culinary world is quite extensive and has a great combination of flavors, aromas and textures that can be combined to delight the palates. Among these recipes you cannot miss two fruits that stand out for their unique flavor and textures.

These fruits are avocado and mango, which are considered by many among the best to combine with all kinds of recipes and foods. Also, being rich in a large number of vitamins and minerals, constitute a healthy food.

On this page you will see a large number of unique recipes that you should try and enjoy in the company of your loved ones or to surprise others. They are all easy to make and with ingredients that you can find in any supermarket..

Here we explain a little of what you will get on this page.


Savory recipes with mangoes and avocados

It is easy to believe that avocado can create salty food recipes, ideal for lunch or dinner. However, everything changes when we read that there are recipes for salty foods with mango.

However, the presence of this fruit is more common than you think, as it is ideal to provide a slightly sweet flavor in stews. That is why they are ideal in dishes with grains such as chickpea, or in meat stews, chicken or pork.

In the case of avocado, its presence in savory recipes does not degrade to just a complement in salad or sauces such as guacamole. Avocados can be perfect as a topping or as a main dish. Proof of this are the dozens of avocado recipes on our page.


Sweet recipes with mangoes and avocados

As with the previous section, it is strange to think that avocado could be like principal ingredient in a sweet recipe. The reason for this is that due to its salty taste, it is normal to find it as a complement in salty foods.

However, Did you know you can make a chocolate avocado dessert?? It turns out that just like this mix, there are others with strange but delicious recipes, where avocado is a fundamental ingredient.

Likewise, the handle, it is ideal to be prepared in various ways as a dessert, either in ice cream, with yogurt, like pudding, among others. Even, can be added to pastry candies and create delicious desserts to enjoy and share.


Mango avocado smoothie recipes

Both fruits are ideal for making any smoothie, and thanks to its great contributions of minerals and vitamins, they are also very healthy. In the case of mango, this is a very sweet fruit when it is ripe, but that can be consumed in a smoothie either ripe or green.

In the case of avocado, strangely enough, it can also be a great ingredient for a delicious smoothie.

Thus, for this type of recipes that will leave you surprised, be sure to visit our dozens of recipes with mangoes and avocados. We assure you that you will want to prepare them all to enjoy the delicious and nutritious properties of these exotic fruits.